Sunday, October 16, 2011

Scene Sequences

Right now I am working on scene sequences. . . shuffling, moving around, finding just the right place for each scene I've have so far. I know there are writers way more methodical than me, but this is how my creative process rolls.

A story idea kicks around in my head. I start writing, sometimes writing and writing and writing, before I decide it is time to hammer out a rough outline. And to me, outlines are more a suggestion to follow then set in stone. Then writing those scenes, give or take, from the outline.

And now I am finding the joy. . . and maybe indecision . . . with scene sequences. Hmm, about that methodical approach, might have some gems in that . . .

But through it all, I can say I am having a great time! That's one of the cool parts about writing, even when you are working on the mechanical parts of a story - where do I put everything - it is still creative and fun and figuring out how you are going to communicate your characters' stories.

For all of you writers out there, hope you are having a blast. For all you readers out there, hope you are digging what we are writing!

PS, I finally saw Pearl Jam in concert last month - now I know what the big Eddie deal is. Ok, not fair, the whole band rocked! Thanks PJ.

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