Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bouldering, How Sweet It Is

The Tragic Spinster and I went bouldering today. *Insert happy grin here.*

Ok, so we gabbed more than Spiderman'ed across the wall, but it was fun, got the heart rate up a couple times and logged a few more calluses.

And as anticipated, there was eye candy. Nice eye candy. I've got to write about a climber one of these times. And mountain biker, kayaker, cowboy, skier, hunky scientist, carpenter (hello tool belt), CSIS agent (WIP), oh probably more archaeologists, helicopter pilots . . .

Happy Day!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Dang, I Love This Land

Good morning. 

I am in an airplane headed to Fort McMurray in northern Alberta for the day. The sunrise is gorgeous from the air, warm colored and peaceful, full of the new beginning of a fresh day. Below it is lightly snowing and the land is blanketed in white and shadow, with the contours of the ground playing peekaboo with the snow and forests. It is a good day. 

As a lot of you know, this area holds a particular joy for me. My first novella Claiming Love was set up here and the novel I am currently writing is as well. It is a way to share a landscape I love with those who have never stepped here, or those who are old friends. 

Winter up here holds a whole different energy, too. Sure it gets cold...frickin' cold, but that is a part of this place. Deep freezes have a purpose.

The smell up here, not of the city and industry, but the smell of the forests and land and even the snow is clearing, grounding. I've said it before, there is an energy to this place that has nothing to do with a barrel of oil and everything to do with the land itself.

The oil reference, good time to mention Fort McMurray is in the Oilsands, or Tarsands, depending on your take. The land here is loud, and hurting, but the strength and beauty and wisdom is very apparent, as well. Contentious, troubled places make for solid self reflection and an awareness, a realization of values.

And built in conflict for a writer if you want to go there. The writer facet of me twinkles always, but I am up here today for a different reason. Still, the land speaks as it always does, and I want to share with those who have not heard. This place is pure magic.

Later in the day...

Back on the plane, heading home. This time with stars like quiet sentinals out and above and glowing community lights dotting the darkscape below. It has been an incredible day. Sometimes after the fact can be even more poignant than the event. So was the case today.

I know this post has been pretty vague. It has to be this time around. ;) I'll leave it with Thank You to all who contributed to this day.
In gratitude,