Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Wee Hockey Story to Celebrate the NHL Season Opener

Today is the NHL season opener. So I thought it appropriate to write a wee hockey story that my husband still laughs at. Stay with me ladies/readers, it involves Scott Stevens.

My husband is a hockey fan and grew up just outside of Toronto. Yup, you guessed it, he is a Leafs fan (and at this very second watching the Toronto/Montreal game). I know, we live in Calgary now and we both dig the Flames, but he'll always watch the Leafs. It's like it was early childhood programming or something.

Anyway, after we married I immigrated to Canada and wanted to be supportive, check this whole hockey thing out that he loves so much. I remember he had the pre-game crap, I mean stuff, on and I sat down to watch it with him. He then had to leave for a bit. I kept the channel where it was to watch, pay attention and figure this whole hockey thing out. I played sports, I can get this.
Get your hockey geek on. ;)

Toronto was playing New Jersey that night and they interviewed a dude names Scott Stevens. Okay, for anyone who doesn't know what colour this guy's eyes are, please do a Google Images search right now. Stevens played for Jersey and in his interview, among other things, he promised not to hit anybody. Then he smiled.

And I have loved hockey ever since.

My husband got back home and I told him about the interview and that he might have mentioned hockey players looked like that. He still laughs about it. When I told this story to a male hockey-loving fan, he had a completely different reaction, "Sarah, you just ruined hockey for me."

Sorry! But those eyes are so blue, that facial hair so grrr, that grin so cute. . . Yeah, that didn't make it better when I told him that.

Anyway, Stevens retired shortly after. Bummer.

So, I'd like to say thank you Mr. Scott Stevens for introducing a beautiful side of hockey to me. ;)

Happy NHL Season Opener.