Monday, October 15, 2012

My Quest to Seduce Non-Romance Readers Continues...

I got another review in for Claiming Love and wanted to share. My quest for seducing the non-romance reader crowd continues. 

I’m just going to come out and say it. Straight up. I don’t read romance novels. But Claiming Love fell into my lap and you know what? I couldn’t put it down. Sarah Kades’ writing does everything good romance writing should do: it’s wrought with sexual tension and renews faith in the possibility, even probability, of true love. But there’s more. Kades imbues a sense of optimism, a feeling of all-will-be-right in the world, deep in the sinews and soft tissue of this book, all while balancing dramatic relationships between fascinating characters of both this world and the next. Claiming Love is a romance novel to seduce all. 
-Tania Therien

Happy Reading, Happy Writing, Happy Day!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Claiming Love, Not Just for Romance Readers

Hi Friends,
One of the things I want to accomplish as a writer is to create great stories that appeal to people in general, not just romance readers. Below is a review of Claiming Love by a typically non-romance reader. Here is what he thought:

Claiming Love, Sarah Kade’s first romantic novel, is an exotic tale of finding love and bringing forth one’s true nature amidst the constant struggle with time-worn conceptions of self.

Kades’ sensual story is set within an environment that allows her to draw from personal experience and insight resulting in a narrative grounded in truth and honesty. Her imagery is steeped in a life spent exploring nature – belying passion, humility and appreciation for beauty that exists in the world around us unbound by time. Claiming Love is thoughtfully layered in juxtaposed dynamics. The story balances long-standing mythic forms – those metaphysical divine energies– with the earthly surveyors of human history. Kades’ down-to-earth, protocol-bound, dirt-digging protagonist finds her world and self-image turned on its head by an ethereal hunk who materializes, seemingly, out of thin air as she heads skyward on assignment to dig dirt.

The ever-present union of heaven and Earth – mystic and human, is encapsulated in encounters of heated passion and longed-for embraces. Kades’ demonstrates her ability to fuse layers of reality, which at first glance appear disparate, into a plot that not only gains momentum from beginning to end but also twists and turns, in the throes of lusting embrace, as the characters come to more fully realize the way of the world, the nature of their self. Supporting characters provide light-hearted humour countering the inner-tensions bound within Kades’ hero and heroine. Kades wastes no time venturing into the erotic realm as her characters grow and evolve – blooming through release, dissolving long-fought inner struggles. Kades’ tale concludes through a universal demonstration that, regardless of origin and past, the acceptance of another and of one’s own potential for love, whether dripping from fingertips or buried deep within, can lead to finding true love – the Divine within ourselves and our beloved counterpart.

Ian Adam Smith MacNairn

Claiming Love is available at Amazon.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Claiming Love

This was my first novella and I still have butterflies sending it back out. I love this story and these characters. Sometimes a story lodges into our hearts and stays forever. This is definitely the case for me with Claiming Love. It is set in the Oil Sands/ Tar Sands of northern Alberta, Canada, a place just as complex and beautiful as this story. I hope you love it as much as I do. It is available here.

As an archaeologist, Elle loves her job. She just does not love all the airplanes she has to take. Before her latest flight, she says a quick prayer and as an afterthought throws in a request to meet her Mr. Perfect.

The Goddess, Gaia, assigns Bodin. He is a human angel-in-training who just happens to not believe in love. Grumpy and usually a divine pain, Bodin has met his match with the beautiful archaeologist. The two explore their budding attraction working in the wild northern forests, but will love come too late or just in time for forever?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A napkin dispenser made the cover? Oh yeah!!!

Here is a sneak peak at the cover for my short story Duke Out at the Diner. I frickin' love it! Why is a napkin dispenser on the cover you ask? Great question! Stay tuned for the release of Duke Out at the Diner!

So You Think You Can Write

A friend of mine has entered Harlequin's So You Think You Can Write contest!

A cowboy with a painful past and a woman with a secret: Can they learn to trust and love? SECRETS AND SECOND CHANCES 

Go here to read more and cast your vote today!