Monday, September 12, 2011

Page Turners

Hey friends. I was just reading a romantic suspense, a genre I am quite fond of, btw. The story started good, plot interesting enough, tension between the characters good, dialogue good, but it started to fizzle. I kept reading, hoping it'd come back around. It had a few bursts of inspiration, then tanked enough I put the book down. Aw crap. I hate that. I started out caring what happened to the characters, but then I found my mind wandering to what else I had to do that day, what I should make for dinner, etc. Red flag, but the book down and go make dinner, or run those errands, whatever.

Silverlining? Gets me thinking how I can write stories that keep my readers engaged, riveted even? What do my stories need that will keep my readers turning page after page after page, running late for work or staying up way too late at night because they are so into the story?

Those are the kind of stories I am striving for. Those are the stories I love to read.

Hope everyone finds a fantastic new author they love today!

Happy reading, happy writing!

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