Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ta-da! Made it to the wonderful world of blogging! (Thank you Tara!)

Ok, so Saturday, as in three very short days away, I'm going to hurtle down a bobsled run. I know I'll be in a bobsled and have pros (I hope... I think...!!) there with me to make the experience, well, real and official and somehow make me feel saver choosing to spend 60 seconds of my life doing this. I'll keep you posted.

As for today, the wild exotic world of grocery shopping and errands with a six month old! Weird how both the mundane and the wowsa can be full of story potential.

As for tonight- WRITING!


  1. Hey there Sarah!
    Welcome to a new addiction, blogging.

    Definitely going to stay posted about your bobsledding experience!


  2. talk about your extremes... heading from the insanity of the action-packed shopping adventure to the calm, cool, serene glide down the hill.

    Hope you have a great time!