Friday, January 9, 2009

Ok, so writing didn't go as planned the last couple days. I'm still trying to work out that writing schedule with my wee one and husband. The little darling (daughter, not husband ) has a serious aversion to nap time.

So bobsledding is still on for tomorrow. It's for our work Christmas party. Another spot just opened so I can go down twice! Does that mean I can pee my pants twice?! My husband is doing the skeleton! Crazy fellow! I love watching it, but laying on my belly, head-first, roaring down an iced shoot w/ only a helmet and elbow pads, sounds, well, more like a spectator sport!

Last year I went to the Aerials competion held in town. A friend of mine used to compete and is now a coach. I watched athletes ski down a hill, hit a jump, do lots of crazy cool acrobatics in the air and then land on this super steep hill. I was preggo at the time and wondered what I was going to do if my kid wanted to take up aerials, or bull riding. I imagine a lot of deep breathing!

Oh yes, back to writing. So I'm working on a story and I love it. It has been really cool the process and the flow. When you can't write as fast as the story is coming to you, it's great! But then BOOM, I hit a block. Literally, I'll be posed over the keyboard and it's like the taps have been turned off. Nothing. Waiting... False start... more waiting... I know the direction I want to go in is keeping quiet for the moment. Elusive... As life would have it, more from circumstance than planning (thank you six month old daughter and messy house), I let the story simmer, incubate. But it's ok because, POOF, in the shower or walking the dog, or other regualr, mundane living sort of experiences the next piece of the story is revealed. Or slams into consciousness. Sometimes that's a better description.

But that kinda makes it magic, ya know?

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  1. I say skip the messy house. I'll also say this, it gets easier to write soon when the wee one becomes more independent.

    For the first year of wee-person-in-my-life-hood I thought I was doomed as a writer. Now I know different. now it's just up to writing well enough rather than enough. Tee Hee. Have a great ride tomorrow!