Monday, January 12, 2009

oooh, sooooore! My body is still sore from my bobsledding escapades! Yowsa!

Monday, back to reality. I'm closing in on the first draft. It feels good. Exciting. I keep wanting to add things, though. So, the question is, when are the additions fabulous and when are they blah blah blah- overkill?

I have the same question when I'm painting. Do I stop now because it looks good, do I add more and risk messing up, do I add more and make a good painting great? Who knows. That's the cool part about creative pursuits, reminds us we have choices.


  1. I do! Acrylic. I've dabbled with watercolour, but I haven't figured out that medium, yet. Never tried oil painting. Honestly, the clean up intimidates me.