Thursday, March 20, 2014

Springtime in the Country Blog Hop

Welcome and Happy Spring Equinox! Today is the Springtime in the Country Blog Hop!

Please join me in saying a special thank you to Sara Walter Ellwood for hosting this blog hop, as well as all the readers and authors participating! Giddy-Up.

Spring in southern British Columbia
Ever since I was a kid, I have been fascinated with the west. Growing up in Wisconsin, I had dreams of Colorado, Montana and Alaska. Those Rocky Mountains have quite a pull. So do horses and pickup trucks and country music . . . you get the picture. I never did move to the American West, but as Love would have it, I moved to Canada (my Happily-Ever-After is Canadian) and I now call Calgary, Alberta home.

I’ve gotten to play with trucks, quads and helicopters for work, but my equine-time is limited to events like the Calgary Stampede, tournaments at Spruce Meadows, or visiting ranching friends in the foothills of the Rockies or the prairie parklands of Saskatchewan.

Or is it?! I’m starting The Tanner Series and am delighted it centers on a family who’s maternal roots are in ranching in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The siblings are all outriders, though, and have found their own careers; namely an archaeologist, a bull rider, a dude ranch owner, a police detective, and a Vancouver Island fishing guide. I get to write-in horses and helicopters, plus hot alpha men and the stunning, extraordinary women they love, and who love them back just as completely.

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I have included two sneak peak blurbs from The Tanner Series and from my two titles already out. My novella Claiming Love takes place in Northeastern Alberta. It is definitely in Western Canada, but a helicopter pilot instead of a cowboy. What can I say, I love the boreal forest as much as I love my mountains, and helicopters as much as horses. My short story, Duke Out at the Diner, is set in a  small-town cafe and bloomed from a hook-writing exercise at an ARWA writing workshop. Fun!

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Thanks for hopping by. ;) Happy Spring and Happy Reading!

Sneak Peak from The Tanner Series

The Cop Can Cook and Other Christmas Miracles - A simple hideaway holiday in the Rocky Mountains for Princess Grace was supposed to be a simply horseback adventure with nothing more stimulating than the next mountain pass and gorgeous scenery. Life had taught her to settle for staid, definitely not ignite at the touch of a man who looks as hard as the mountains they are in, and cooks like an angel.
A cop with his own reasons for hiding away, finds himself moonlighting as a gourmet camp chef for his sister, and falling for a foreign princess who fights like a guerrilla and kisses like a Goddess.
But outside forces are moving in and threaten the budding relationship. Will they succeed, or will the princess and her cop find  the greatest adventure of all, Love.

Kiss Me in the Rain - Glaciologist Savannah MacIntyre was happy with her life far away from her family. But sometimes life has a way of bringing you back home when you least expect it and most need it. When the opportunity to reconnect with her estranged dad comes up, she takes it. Then finds herself distracted from her turmoil by ex-CSIS agent turned archaeologist Gabe Tanner, who would rather get another bullet to the head than reconcile with his own father.
Their attraction is definitely mutual, but betrayal has taught them both not to trust, or love. The couple are thrown together at the machinations of her dad at a remote work camp, where together they both find a chance to heal. But will they let their pasts keep them apart or will they finally learn to love and trust again?

Available Now

Claiming Love - Isobelle Cody, or Elle as her friends call her, loves her job as an archaeologist in Canada. Working in remote landscapes suits her completely, but her irrational fear of airplanes has her beyond grounded. She decides backup is in order and asks for Divine help. As an afterthought, she throws in a request to meet her Mr. Perfect. It couldn’t hurt.
The Goddess, Gaia, assigns Bodin. He is a thousand year old warrior, now angel-in-training, who just happens to not believe in love. Grumpy and usually a divine pain, Bodin has met his match with the beautiful archaeologist and finds himself under the healing power of love for the first time. The two explore their budding attraction working in the wild northern forests. When Bodin’s past threatens their future, will love come too late or just in time for forever?

Duke Out at the Diner, A Short Story - Some napkin dispensers hold napkins, others have gorgeous heros locked inside. 
Eric is no genie, but a mistaken curse landed him in the damn thing and now he has to be the one being saved. Shay just wanted to grab a bite to eat and pretend her life was safe. She never expected to be responsible for rescuing a handsome hero. Each wary of the other, the couple must learn to trust and love before danger takes the choice out of their hands.

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  1. Hi Sarah. Cowboys are such mysterious and fascinating creatures and they are revealed very well in the spring. I have read only one of your books so far and enjoyed it.

    1. I'm having a great time writing Colt's story. ;) Writing cowboys has been on my to-do list... man, they're fun to write! And glad you enjoyed the book!

  2. I love cowboys and spring! I tweeted followed, like your facebook page and commented and signed up for newsletter. I have not read your work before but will be checking it out. Entered under name of Virginia

    1. So much to Love about both cowboys and spring!! ;) Thank you so much for the follow, like and newsletter sign up! Great to "meet" you Virginia. :) Happy Reading!

  3. Your books sound really good, will be checking them out for sure.
    I liked your FB page and commented, name Jean. Also signed up for the newsletter.

    1. Thanks Jean! I am so happy I found writing, and if I can make readers just as happy, too, excellent!! Stay tuned for those release dates! Cheers :)

  4. Thanks, Sarah, for your post so that I could "meet" you and get to know your writing. I think your series The Tanners sounds mighty intriguing. I'm gonna have to check it out and I've also signed up for your newsletter so I can get the news of your releases. I will also check your FB page. :-) Thanks again for participating in this hop.

  5. Great to "meet" you, too Janice! This is my first blog hop and wow, these are fun! It is so exciting to connect with new readers. Thank you! I'll let you all know when I have those release dates! :) Happy Day!

  6. new FB liker as Dawn Froggy Saenz, I follow twitter as froggarita and I joined newsletter with email under my name.


    1. Hi Dawn! Froggarita...I like it ;) Thank you so much for the like, follow, and subscribing! So cool to connect with all of you. Happy Friday! Sarah

  7. Hello Sarah!! So glad you have taken part in this hop, I love finding new authors to read. I'm kinda stalking you now so don't be surprised if you see my name popping up. Hope you have a wonderful spring.

    cmucha319 AT yahoo DOT com

  8. Hi Cindy! Me too!! This hopping thing is fun. And I look forward to seeing your name popping up! Say howdy! :) Happy wonderful spring to you, too!!
    Cheers, Sarah