Sunday, December 1, 2013

2014 Olympic Cross Country Ski Team hopeful Chris Hamilton

In 2003 I raced . . . okay participated might be a better word, in the Sleeping Giant Loppet. I did the Sibley's family fun ski, a whole 8 km route. :)  The other choices were the 35 or 50 km races, which is  why I chose the "family fun ski." I'll tell you the truth, I was passed by 5 year olds. How did I find myself skiing the Sibley and getting passed by 5 years olds? My husband and I lived in Thunder Bay that winter and our very dear friends the Hamiltons introduced us to the coolness that is cross country skiing.

I Knew That Kid Was Going Places
But we needed gear. Early in the season we joined our friends at the local ski swap. This is where I'll introduce you to Chris Hamilton. I bought a pair of boots and found out they were Chris' old ones. On impulse I asked him to sign them. He was maybe 14 years old at the time and a bit bashful when I asked. But in that crowded room full of gear and skiers, it was the most natural thing in the world for me to do. I knew this kid was going places.

2014 Canadian Olympic Hopeful
He certainly did. Chris is on the Alberta World Cup Academy. He now lives in Canmore and instead of  helping his parents' friend figure the whole waxing thing out (that's another story, apparently that groove on the bottom of skis shouldn't be plugged with wax, go figure) minutes before his 50 km race and my family fun ski debut, he's training hard for a spot on the Canadian cross country ski team for the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Did you hear that? He's training for a spot on the Canadian Olympic Team!!! 
(Seriously SO proud of you Chris!)

You Mean I Can Help?
It takes athletic excellence to make it to the Olympics, but it also takes funds to pay for team fees, equipment, registrations, travel and living costs. The Canadian Olympic Trials are being held in early January and Chris is crowd-source fundraising to help cover his winter racing costs. This is where we can help an Olympic hopeful!

Chris' goal is $9000 and donations are handled through the MakeAChamp website via PayPal. Any donation helps and is greatly appreciated. Chris has created a list of GiveBacks to thank his supporters, too. Ask him to sign them . . . and ask if he'll finally sign my boots, too! :)

To help Chris reach his fundraising goals, please donate to:

By the way, Chris' mom, Bev gave me a Milky Way candy bar as I crossed the finish line back in 2003, just like she did with all her kids. :) I remember how much that candy bar meant to me. I hope I can help repay that kindness and so many more by asking you all to help Chris reach his goal. 

Go for the Gold Chris. It matches your heart.

Chris Hamilton, 2014 Olympic Hopeful

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