Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving, twice

As some of you know, I am an American Canadian. Besides paperwork, that means all sorts of goodies. Like celebrating both Canadian and U.S. Thanksgiving! A delicious holiday full of gratitude and good times. 

Saskatchewan (more than Grey Cup Champions!! Go Roughriders!!)
Last month I was in Saskatchewan spending Canadian Thanksgiving weekend with good friends and their extended families. Our extended families are 3000 km away, so the 9 hour drive to Saskatchewan was relatively wee and loads of fun. I walked through cleared frosted fields at sunrise, watched geese fly overhead and waterfowl putter on slough ponds. I ate and drank, celebrated the abundance of the season and great company. 

Horses and Helicopters
I also got on a horse that gave me the opportunity to get my head screwed on straight. Horses have that effect on me. Nearly always, right before I get on a horse, whatever energy that is just below the surface that needs to come out bubbles up. Then the horse waits patiently as I have my epiphany or release before I hop on. Horses are magical like that. Like helicopters, horses get me all fascinated and excited, but there is a serious side to them, too. They both offer me opportunity for perspective and usually release, too.

Celebrate the Process
This Thursday is U.S. Thanksgiving. As much as I love turkey, we're going to celebrate with one of the salmon we caught this past summer on the Pacific Ocean fishing trip we did. Again, something to be thankful for. That trip rocked! And it has the added energy of eating food that which we have procured ourselves. There is a connection, a satisfaction and tapping into something universal when we pay attention to, respect and honor our food. Whether you are cooking, gardening/farming, fishing, hunting or ranching, celebrate it. As for the eating, savor that experience, too. It keeps us ticking . . . so we can write more! And everything else we do, too. :)

Happy Thanksgiving.

PS, Pumpkin pie with the salmon? Sure, why not. ;)

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