Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring Equinox 2016: Balance...and maybe that tipping point

Happy Spring Equinox. This is the day of balance, equal day, equal night, but also that pause before the tipping point into the growth and bloom of full-on spring. So to celebrate this celestial sweetness, I want to honour balance, but also how that prepares us for growth.

Great, what does that look like? What is balance? Well if you’re like me, there will be some things you just naturally know how to ride the wave and keep your balance, and others you get tossed around trying to stay up and it’s exhausting, not fluid or particularly graceful, and sometimes involves abysmal failure. Ug.

Loaded Potential
As I write this I wonder if we can look at where we do rock the balance and see if we can give ourselves pointers for the other stuff. For instance, physically, I have pretty good balance. My body pays attention to itself and can stay in a place of equilibrium . . . Damn, I never stopped to actually think about that before. Equilibrium. How do I achieve equilibrium in the areas of my life that are not in balance? Work/Life balance, my crazy long to-do list, how do I take a play out of my body balance book?

Small tweaks. Exaggerated movements just won’t work, at least for me they don’t. Apply enough pressure to create that positive, desired change, but not so much as to keep me still off balance just simply in the other direction.

What else . . . oh yeah, just decide to. If I channeled all the energy I spend ignoring or worrying about my to-do list and just hammered it out instead, that thing wouldn’t get out of control in the first place. I know, easier said then done, but this is a day of celestial balance, then tipping into growth. Let’s rock the balance and set up for beautiful growth.

Happy Spring.

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