Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Playing Outside in Winter

On the drive in today I heard Norquay is opening on Tomorrow, Lake Louise on Friday and Sunshine on November 11th. To anyone not familiar, that’s code for it’s ski season in the Canadian Rockies! This news brings joy to so many people and for me it brings the solid knowledge . . . that I am so not a downhill skier. *drops head in shame*

Snowshoeing the Canadian Rockies
I tried. Well, most recently my efforts have been taking a lesson/going once a season, blasting my quads for the morning and then grabbing a beer and writing while I wait in the non-terrifying warmth of one of the hill’s bars with absolutely zero elevation changes while waiting for my husband and kidlette to finish their afternoon, if that is trying, then yes, I rocked that!

I love the Rockies and have SO much fun on the bunny hills out here (don’t let the name fool you, they’re frickin’ huge). But I’ve realized what I like most about skiing is hanging out on mountains in winter. As much fun as I had on those bunny hills, as soon as I go on a regular run somewhere on the way down somewhere is a shockingly steep part. It’s all fun and games until the crazy steep parts. I know that’s the point of skiing, its called downhill for a reason, but being terrified isn’t fun. I mean there’s beer and coffee at the bottom, why scare myself when I could be having a pint and writing?

But if I’m in the bar writing, I’m not gawking at the Rocky Mountain winter splendour, really immersing myself in the outdoor awesomeness, which fills my bucket right full. Being on top of a mountain, snow all around and all over the trees, each peak and range full of majesty - it is an incredible sight to behold. When more snow is falling it feels like you’re in the middle of magic, when the sun is shining and making the snow twinkle it feels like anything is possible, when the sun is shining and the snow is blowing it feels like you’re in a snow globe and you can’t imagine anything more beautiful.
Winter Mountain Wonderland, Canadian Rockies

A conundrum to be sure. Unless I admit my downhill days are either behind me or somewhere in the future and I should focus on the winter sports that don’t terrify me, like cross country skiing, snow shoeing, winter hiking, sledding, pond ice skating, having a soak in a hot springs while it’s snowing . . . a wait, that last one isn’t a sport, but it feels so good and is so pretty, especially after an active day outside in the cold.

There are so many ways to play outside in winter. What are your favourites?!

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  1. Agreed! Downhill skiing is my nemesis... considering I got a concussion last year from it. I do love a good snowshoe :)