Sunday, January 4, 2015

I Always Knew I Liked Rocks

I've collected rocks and crystals since I was a kid. I have bowls of the happy chunks throughout our house. What can I say, they make me happy. One of my oldies is a gigantic hunk of obsidian I picked up at a lapidary in Colorado. I was 18 and went on a road trip with three buddies from Wisconsin. The only space available in the wee car was on the floor in front of me. It was so big I had to rest my feet on top of it through several states. It was so worth it. That happy piece of obsidian has moved with me since. It has seen many states and provinces, it has graced our house and garden and inspired many a more large rocks to join our home. I love that thing. 
One of my favorites: Quartz Crystal
Several years ago I met Susanne McElroy, she digs rocks and crystals even more than I do and has taken her love to a whole new level; she is certified in Crystal Resonance Therapy (CRT)TM.
I had never heard of it before I met Susanne, but when she started explaining it, I was intrigued. So much so, that I tried it and really resonated with it. (Pun absolutely intended! ;)) I have a had several sessions since and each one has inspired rather stunning, powerful but gentle, healings.
So as folks think about the new year, goals and resolutions, I thought I'd share this gem!
Susanne has written a wee explanation for those of you out there that this resonates with, too.
What is Crystal Resonance Therapy (CRT)TM?
CRT is a vibrational healing technique that uses crystals and elemental allies in stones layouts, arrays and grids to facilitate healing for the client. The healing technique is guided by a Certified Crystal Resonance Therapist (Cert. CRTh) certified by Crystalis Institute ( A CRTh is trained in mineralogy, geology, crystallography, experiential anatomy and physiology, vibrational channelling, ethics and clinical practise.  This training allows the practitioner to work with their own human crystal as a vibrational oscillator; directing crystal vibration to the client's energy field and body. The CRTh analyses the healing session to identify key elemental and chakra imbalances, polarities, patterns and blockages and possible chemical, emotional and physical influences. The practitioner works to provide a healing plan supported by meditation, daily spiritual practice, and crystal elixir preparations.  Crystal Resonance Therapy provides guidance and awareness for the client to embark on, continue or reach new heights in their own healing journey.
Susanne McElroy lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is a Cert.CRTh and is certified in Primus Activation Healing TechniqueTM (PAHT Pract.). If you require more information she can be contacted by email at

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  1. Sarah, doesn't everyone have rocks and crystals all over their home, garden and office? No? Well those of us that do know how, as you say, happy chunks of rock and crystals can make us feel. I also think there is a reason why a few of us rock lovers have managed to move around the continent to wind up in the same place and in each other's lives!

    After my first session with Susanne I'm excited about the possibilities that further guidance from her can bring into my life and my search for greater health and well being. Thank you for posting about CRT and Susanne.

    Keep writing and never stop listening to the rocks and crystals that want to come home with you.