Friday, May 10, 2013

Donald Maass, Writing 21st Century Fiction Workshop, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Last Saturday I attended the Calgary association of Romance Writers of America's Spring 2013 workshop featuring Donald Maass, Writing 21st Century Fiction. What an incredible, intensive day, with absolutely lovely people. The workshop included hands-on writing that really cracked open another several layers of the writer inside. I'm still processing and analyzing all the information (get your geek on!). It was an excellent workshop.

CaRWA hosted the workshop in Redwood Meadows, a small, scenic community south of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and writers from different local writing communities, including ARWA, IFWA, and WWC, attended. It is always inspiring being in a room full of writers and Alberta has a vibrant writing community!

Breaks were enjoyed outside in the best weather we've seen this spring so far. You know when the sun warms up the spruce needles and everything even smells great? That's what Saturday was like, gorgeous!

Donald Maass and Sarah Kades, CaRWA Spring 2013 Workshop.
I first heard of Mr. Maass four years ago.  My first novella was out with Amira Press and I knew I loved this whole writing thing, but that I had a lot to learn!  I joined a local writing group, ARWA, and a name kept popping up, Donald Maass. Everyone spoke so highly of this dude and I was encouraged to check out his books and see him speak if I ever got the chance. So I did.

It truly was a great day, with great people. I learned A LOT, busted past some writing comfort walls I didn't know were there, and reinforced some essential, core beliefs about writing and myself.

Storytelling is part of us. It always has been. It is cool to be part of that.

Thank you CaRWA for the opportunity and Mr. Donald Maass for coming. ;)

Happy Writing, Happy Reading!

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