Thursday, August 4, 2011

Calgary Stampede, Camping, Writing, When Words Collide, oh my!

Good grief, summer is blasting by! What fun, though!

The novel continues. For anyone who ever wondered about writing, try it. It's REALLY fun! Each time I get back to my manuscript, it feels so good diving back into my characters. Fantastically fun. Try it!

The Calgary Stampede was last month. I went three times. . . I'm a bit horse-happy. Incredible animals. Just being near them makes me a happy kid.

I also went to see Kevin Costner and the Modern West perform. I had no expectations, just thought it sounded like fun to check out. I had a great time! His voice and the actual playing is good, but it's the energy of the songs and lyrics that pack the real punch. Some music you listen to and are entertained. Other music you listen to and you feel it it at your very core. Nice work Kevin and company!

Special thanks to my friend who accompanied me. You know who you are. What a blast! Thanks for the straight up good fun! And the mini donuts.

Last weekend was the Long Weekend in Canada. I had the pleasure of camping in Kootenay Lake country in British Columbia. Dang, that's heaven! I just want to go jump in the lake!!

I've got a Women's Writing Weekend coming up. What's that? I'm so glad you asked. It is when a group of women writers congregate at the same spot for a weekend and write write write. Ok, there might be a bottle of wine in there sometime, too.

Then there's the When Words Collide conference/festival. Stay tuned for more info!

Happy Day!

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