Tuesday, March 29, 2011

climbing and bouldering . . .

My climbing chronicles continue. I checked out Stronghold on the weekend for the first time. Ooh, I am delighted!! I'm still sticking to bouldering. That height thing might get in the way of the whole fun thing. And, I like not having to fart around with harnesses and ropes . . . and scheduling playtime when climbing friends can come out for belaying partners.

Ahem, if you guys are reading this, seriously, lets go!

Anyway, so I went. And had a ball. Now might be a good time to share my love of green runs for skiing. How does this apply to my climbing adventures? Keep reading. I can ski, by myself, all day on green runs. I know, sounds boring to many. Why stick to green runs? Well, I don't go often, so the few times I do go I want to play all day, not scare the bageezes out of myself in the Rockies. So, I stick to green runs, and have my happy, safe time. . . I did ski my first bowl at Kicking Horse, though . . .

Back to bouldering. So I stayed on the simple wall for the most part. Had a great time just playing and practicing moving across the wall. I tried some of the wee overhanging walls and learned I need to work on building up my giganto muscles (that was a joke). Tons-O fun and I did a lovely job of ripping open several fingers. Writers need callouses, too! How about that. :o)

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