Friday, July 31, 2009

Waterton National Park

I'm still floating, I'm so excited my first book is out!! A million thank you to everyone who has helped support it!! I appreciate it!! Thank you!!

We're heading out to Waterton National Park for the weekend!!! Oh yeah.

For those of you not sure where that is, it shares a border with Glacier National Park in Montana and it is gorgeous.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Claiming Love is available!!

Last Friday Claiming Love was released through Amira Press! I'm so excited!! What a cool journey. Cheers to many more! It was amazing writing it. I had so much fun. I always thought work should really be something fun and something a person enjoys. Well, I found it.

A heartfelt Thank You to Tara S. Nichols.

Now, to figure out the time management. Seriously, that has really been a challenge, so far. Well, here's to figuring it all out, and having a blast doing it.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased Claiming Love. I appreciate it and hope you love it.

Happy Tuesday night!

Monday, July 6, 2009

And the edits continue. . . :o)

In my nerdiness, I'm actually enjoying this part of the writing process. I'm learning tons and I love it! Thank you super awesome editor.

Happy Independence Day and Happy Canada Day everyone! We celebrated by taking our wee one tent camping in K-Country. She loved it! 

FYI, next time, the play yard is coming along! 

Hey, Xavier Rudd was in town last night. Ticket miscommunication, so my husband had to tell me what an awesome concert it was. He got me a swanky t-shirt, though. :o) Happy music.

The Calgary Stampede is going on. Yee-haw.

Happy Monday night everyone!