Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Comedy in our writing, what is the perfect amount?

I've noticed something in the current fiction book I am reading, there is a threshold for comedy.
Who knew, right? This author is brilliantly funny . . . which I love, but because there is so much of it, the jokes have less punch than they would if there was more space in between punch lines. The zingers are getting lost among joke after joke after joke after joke. Each one of these jokes, independently, would have me on the floor in hoots laughing, nearly peeing my pants. But the sheer volume has made me numb to them. Shoot!

How can this be? I love to laugh when I'm reading. I had no idea you could have too many snappy lines. Dang!

So, how much is too much? How much comedy is just right? What amount for each story is at that perfect equilibrium, that perfect harmony that makes each zinger have zam!

Good question. Hmm, how about trust the handy tips of reading your work out loud and asking your trusted writing partners for a read-through. There is also the completely tangible you'll just know.

Whatever you decide, good luck!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Writing Conflict in Scenes

A writer friend of mine laments her ability to write conflict in scenes. First off, she is way too hard on herself! She writes scenes with fantastic, unexpected conflict. But the topic raises an interesting question - how do we put more conflict in our scenes, and not just any conflict, fresh conflict? As a writer you want your work to be new and fresh. That includes the conflict.

I love the idea of conflict that makes you laugh, too. I want to laugh when I'm reading novels and writing conflict can give you an opportunity for that, a comedy of errors sort of thing.

So, have fun with your conflict! I know I am!

Happy Writing, Happy Reading!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Writers' conferences

I know I'm a bit tardy checking the stats for this, but my blog got a fantastic spike during the month of August. The steamy month of August prompts people to check out romance novelists blogs? Maybe . . . but I'm guessing it has more to do with me being a panelist at the When Words Collide Conference that was held in August in Calgary.

Take home message to other new writers - get out there! I had a great time, and got advertising to boot. Sure I had those public speaking butterflies. You know, speaking, about romance writing, to a group with a lot of non-romance writers in the crowd was a bit intimidating and made me second guess what in the world I had been thinking. But it was awesome!

So if any of you are wondering if you want to jump into something like that, I hope you do, and I hope it is an incredibly rewarding experience!

Happy Writing and Happy Reading!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Scene Sequences

Right now I am working on scene sequences. . . shuffling, moving around, finding just the right place for each scene I've have so far. I know there are writers way more methodical than me, but this is how my creative process rolls.

A story idea kicks around in my head. I start writing, sometimes writing and writing and writing, before I decide it is time to hammer out a rough outline. And to me, outlines are more a suggestion to follow then set in stone. Then writing those scenes, give or take, from the outline.

And now I am finding the joy. . . and maybe indecision . . . with scene sequences. Hmm, about that methodical approach, might have some gems in that . . .

But through it all, I can say I am having a great time! That's one of the cool parts about writing, even when you are working on the mechanical parts of a story - where do I put everything - it is still creative and fun and figuring out how you are going to communicate your characters' stories.

For all of you writers out there, hope you are having a blast. For all you readers out there, hope you are digging what we are writing!

PS, I finally saw Pearl Jam in concert last month - now I know what the big Eddie deal is. Ok, not fair, the whole band rocked! Thanks PJ.